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Joel Goodson
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Joel Goodson
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Michael Goodson - Brother

Joel Goodson is one of the main characters on Dead of Summer.


Early Life

When Joel was younger,  he considered himself the 'geeky kid' compared to his 'cool older brother', Michael. Joel noticed Michael's odd behavior, staring out the window as if he saw something, and worried about his older brother. He later found him dead in the bathtub with the words 'he will never leave me alone' written in blood on the wall.

A couple of years later, Joel finds himself reoccuringly seeing a tall man, whom he now knows as Holyoke, but cannot seem to catch him on tape and it starts to drive him crazy.

Joel also got accepted to NYU but it is unknown if he attended. ("How to Stay Alive in the Woods")

Season 1

Joel's voice is first heard as he approaches Amy near the bus to Camp Stillwater. His camera rolling, he says "Gotcha!" as Amy notices his walking towards her and lets out a gasp. Amy looks at Joel uncomfortably, and he apologizes, telling her that he couldn't help himself. After the two introduce and shake hands, Joel lifts up his camera again and remarks that he doesn't recognize Amy from camp, and she explains on camera that this will be her first year at Camp Stillwater. Just then, Alex and Blotter appear from around the bus. Upon seeing Joel, Alex calls him "Woody Allen" and the two happily hug, followed by Joel slapping hands with Jason. Joel continues to videotape as more councelors arrive, but gets especially excited when a red car speeds up holding Jessie. Jason films Jessie getting out of the car, and mumbles to Alex that "some things do approve with age," most likely referring to Jessie. When Jessie asks if someone can help her with her bags, Joel finally puts his camera down and quickly agrees to help. Later that day, after the councelors have arrived at Camp Stillwater, Joel sits with the rest of the group at a campfire in the woods. ("Patience")

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA. ("Mix Tape")

TBA. ("Modern Love")

Joel is told by Holyoke to kill Amy but he refuses.("How to Stay Alive in the Woods")

TBA. ("The Dharma Bums")

TBA. ("Townie")


  • Casting describes Joel as "an aspiring filmmaker who returns to Camp Stillwater as a counselor and begins to buy into the idea that something weird is happening".[1]
  • Joel was the second main character to die.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


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