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Jessie Tyler
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Jessie Tyler is one of the main characters and the main protagonist of Season One of Dead of Summer.


Early Life

Jessie lived with her mother who appeared to be involved in a few crimes. Jessie appeared to be more responsible than her mother and decided to go to her dream school, Northwestern. Her mother failed to be on time to take her to her Northwestern interview, but Jessie got accepted on her own. When her and her mother went out to celebrate her acceptance, they got into a car accident under the influence. Jessie wasn't the one driving, but she switched seats with her mother so she wouldn't get in any more trouble. It is unknown if Jessie got to go to Northwestern, but is unlikely. ("Townie")

Season 1

TBA. ("Patience")

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA. ("Mix Tape")

TBA. ("Modern Love")

TBA. ("How to Stay Alive in the Woods")

Jessie becomes a believer of what is happening at the camp when Blair summons Cricket's spirit using an Ouija board. During the summoning, Jessie passes out but her hand is drawing a map on its' own which helps her and Garrett Sykes uncover some of the mystery. ("The Dharma Bums")

Jessie finds out from Cricket's ghost that in order to help everyone, she has to dump Holyoke's bones into the lake. She successfully does so and finds out the Holyoke is a good guy, and can save Amy. ("The Devil Inside")

Killed Victims


  • Casting describes Jessie as "a stunningly hot but slightly conceited Stillwater vet returning as a new counselor — and with a new look and newfound confidence". (She won't, however be too fond of camp neophyte Amy.)[1]


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


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