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Garrett Sykes
Garrett Sykes
Portrayed by
Alberto Frezza
Anton Starkman (child)
Jessie Tyler (former girlfriend)
Amy Hughes (Kissed) (deceased)
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Shared centric episode
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Garrett Sykes
Date of birth
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Presumably Bled Out after getting Stabbed with a glass shard by Amy Hughes
Episode of death
Stillwater, Wisconsin
Deputy Potector of the lake
Family members

Garrett Sykes is one of the main characters on Dead of Summer.


Early Life

Garrett was a troubled boy who did anything to get even. He once smashed his principal's window because he gave him and his friend, Damon Crowley, detention for a week for wearing innapropriate shirts. His father, Jack Sykes, bailed him out of everything since he was a police officer and told Garrett that his actions are only hurting himself. Garrett is later sent to Camp Stillwater by his dad where he met Jessie Tyler. They first butted heads because Garrett was still on his mission to get even with everyone, and he eventually got the nickname 'Townie'. At the end of camp in 1982, Garrett and Jessie became good friends, but then Garrett found out his father had passed away. ("Townie")

Season 1

TBA. ("Patience")

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA. ("Mix Tape")

TBA. ("Modern Love")

TBA. ("How to Stay Alive in the Woods") 

Garrett shares his findings with Jessie Tyler and uncover some clues about the mysterious map of the camp. ("The Dharma Bums") 

Garrett speaks to his partner, Boyd Heelan about the fourth step of the ritual and attempts to catch Damon Crowley and his friends. He confronts Damon but is too late and appears to save Amy. He then realizes that The Teacher was his partner all along and had killed his dad. Garrett then proceeds to shoot and kill Boyd Heelan. ("Townie")

Killed Victims


  • Casting describes Garrett as "a young deputy who has ties to Camp Stillwater and who quickly grows suspicious when events at the camp don’t quite add up."[1]
  • Garret was the fourth main character to die.


  • When his character was first introduced, he was just called Deputy. It wasn't until the second episode that we learn his name.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


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