Elizabeth Lail
Elizabeth Lail
Character Amy Hughes
Season(s) S1
Date of Birth March 25, 1992
Origin Williamson County, Texas, USA
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Elizabeth Dean Lail is one of the main actors of Dead of Summer, portraying the role of Amy Hughes.


Life and Career

Lail is an American actress born in Williamson County, Texas to her parents, Dean Franklin Lail and Kay Lurene Surratt. She has one older sister, Kathryn Dean Lail. When she was younger, Lail and her family moved to Asheboro, North Carolina where her ancestors hailed. Her mother is a distant of cousin of John Surratt. Lail's nicknames are Elizaboon, Lilybeth, Lizbeth, Liz and Lizzy. She is also a fan of Steven Maier.

After graduating from Asheboro High School in 2009, Lail began studying acting at the University of North Carolina School of Arts in 2010. During her time studying she appeared in two school productions: as Anna in the 2011 Model Airplane and as Emily in Without in 2014. She finished school in May 2014, and moved to New York City to pursue stage work when she landed an audition for ABC's Once Upon a Time created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

In July 2014, Lail was announced to have been cast as Anna, the sister of Elsa from Disney's Frozen on Once Upon a Time's adaptation of the film. Lail appeared in 10 episodes during the first half of the fourth season. After her appearance on Once Upon a Time, Lail auditioned for the part of Kara Zor-El on CBS Supergirl, but didn't get the part. Then Lail was cast as a series regular on David Fincher's Videosynchrazy in February 2015. However, HBO passed the project the following June.

In February 2016, Lail joined the main cast of Freeform's Dead of Summer as Amy Hughes. This served as a reunion with Kitsis and Horowitz and actors: Elizabeth Mitchell and Charles Mesure. Mitchell played Ingrid, the villainous aunt of Lail's character on Once Upon a Time. Mesure also interacted with Lail's character in the ninth episode of the fourth season of Once Upon a Time.


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