• Attruti

    French Wiki and other stuff

    September 7, 2016 by Attruti

    Apparently there's no forum here, so… I'm gonna talk here !

    A few words about me, I'm Attruti, one of the five administrators of the Once Upon a Time french wikia, and also from the Dead of Summer's one. Link :

    We're quite a small wiki without many visitors, mainly because the show hasn't been dubbed yet. We've put some links to your wikia, so if you want to do the same ;)

    Also, a question a little bit more specific and less technical : I saw you briefly named the "Garrett's mother" page Janis Sykes. Did you have a source ? Or any theory or name to give ?

    Thanks for reading, and I hope, see ya soon !

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  • The Criminal


    September 1, 2016 by The Criminal

    Dear friends of the wikia

    if you are a cricket hater i will literally make sure you never breathe againbecause you are a useless vulgar human , if you dont hate cricket youcan speak to me if you hate her , back off

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  • Emilie de Baevin


    August 28, 2016 by Emilie de Baevin

    kill liz mitchell shes the only reason to watch the show at all

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  • Emilie de Baevin

    why did

    August 22, 2016 by Emilie de Baevin

    they kill the black guy???????????// =o

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  • Emilie de Baevin

    I nominate that Wikia staff demote User:Everthevillain of her administrative and bureaucratic powers on the Dead of Summer Wikia! This user is clearly corrupt and should not be put in a place of authority. They are very inappropriate, disrespectful, and immature. I tried leaving a kind message on their message wall, which was removed, with the word "Trash" being given as an explanation. See here. Then I disrespectfully asked that the user not oppress me, in another message, and they DID. See here. Jose Pablo Sanchez is a rat who needs removing from the Wikaii network this instance. I would like to get #JusticeForEmilie trending on Twitter.

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  • Everthevillain

    Wiki To-Do List

    December 20, 2015 by Everthevillain
    • Fix Development section in dos page
    • Fix the chat
    • Portal S1
    • Replace actors infoboxes
    • Find out all of the filming dates 
    • Character appearances page
    • Jesse Hutch
    • Cricket's infobox
    • fix refs like in ouat wiki
    • gary's promo pics
    • delete caitlin riley's pic if she doesnt appear
    • Campers category
    • Cast Appearances
    • Timeline, list of deaths,
    • portals for supporting, minors and episodic characters
    • Stillwater, Wisconsin
    • Infoboxes without images
    • what to call before season 1 on location pages such as camp stillwater
    • Deceased character portal key
    • Season 1 series plot on dos page after season finale
    • add bts and promo pics
    • crew pages credits, roles and sumarries
    • Patience
    • Fix season 1 page
    • Category for satanists
    • Tiera Sko…
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