Alex Powell
Alex Powell
Portrayed by
Amy Hughes (ex-girlfriend) (deceased)
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Centric episode
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Shared centric episode
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Alexi Fayvinov
Alex Powell
Date of birth
Manner of death
Axed in the chest by Amy Hughes
Episode of death
Soviet Union
Highland Park, Illinois[1]
Family members
Mikhail Fayvinov - Father(deceased)
Katya Fayvinova - Mother
Vladimir - Grandfather (deceased)

Alex Powell, born as Alexi Fayvinov, is one of the main characters of Dead of Summer. It is revealed that Alex is from the Soviet Union. When he was a child he moved to the United States with his mom Katya Fayvinova and his father Mikhail Fayvinova. But before the left his grandfather, who was too sick to travel, told him that if he wanted something he had to take it and gave him a pocket knife.


Early Life

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes") Alexi's family left Russia for America because of the American dream. Before he left, he said goodbye to his grandfather who gave him advice that he took as his mantra and a pocket knife. TBA. ("Patience")

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA. ("Modern Love")

Season 1

TBA. ("Patience")

TBA. ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA. ("Mix Tape")

TBA. ("Modern Love")

TBA. ("How to Stay Alive in the Woods")

TBA. ("Townie")

Alex's offer to show Amy around is finally accepted. He warns Amy that the other counselors believe she is a demon. He takes her to Eagle Creek where they start out hot and heavy, but then Amy pulls his own knife out on him. ("The Devil Inside")


  • Casting describes Alex as "a handsome, protective and brave counselor who’s described as the classic polo-shirt wearing 'John Hughes Villain'. He may be a candidate for the coolest guy at Stillwater, but he wants to be friends with everyone, especially Amy".[2]
  • While auditioning for the role, Ronen Rubinstein was told Alex was a Russian with a Soviet past, and it was all going to be revealed in the second episode. Coincidentally, Rubinstein also happens to be Russian himself, and Russian is his first language.[3]
  • Alex was the fifth main character to die.


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